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Judgement...part 1

During the time spent at my alter meditating I often have profound grounding moments. I am so clear that I stop and write down what my guides show me so I do not forget these gift's given to me moments after entering back into the bustle of my life.

Judgement. This is a big one for me. Because of the many complicated facets of judgement I have looked at it countless different ways. One facet I often struggled with was my absolute fear of judgement. My almost every moment once revolved around what others thought of me. I did everything I could to try and control how I was judged by others. How laughable a concept to think that I could actually accomplish that. Useless and exhausting, futile. I was shown in my meditation that the ground would not give way beneath me when I am judged by others. I finally saw the truth that I could never avoid being judged. What I could do is to not define myself by those judgement's. When I finally realized that the floor stayed solidly beneath my feet when someone judged me, I could breathe again. Really breathe I full breath without the weight of anxiety on my chest. I could shut my mind off from trying to figure ways to be the "me" I thought everyone needed to see. I could stop filtering who I truly am. I truly realized that whatever someone thought of me -good or bad- did not change my life -my present moment life- in any way. It made my mistakes less devastating to myself. I could be me...fully.I could accept me...fully. I could love me...fully. It was though I was coming back to the truth of me. In the end people have always wanted the truth of me, never the version that hid behind a mask.

Each week I send you my love and wish for you peace in your journey. Our journey of balance in mind, body and spirit.



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