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The ego...

"The ego instills urgency and panic. The soul instills calm." ~my guides~

Anxiety affects most of us to some degree or another. My guides show me that it is often the work of our ego and our misunderstanding of her. Most dealings with the ego in writings today treat our ego as the enemy. I get why. The work of the ego is often a direct line to most of our suffering. But why? Why would a part of who we are cause this? It has never sat right with me to vilify our make a part of who we are the enemy. It is a disconnect when trying to love our whole selves. When I sat in meditation with this I saw things quite differently.

I sat with my ego and I felt such love coming from her. She is my protector, at all costs. The problem is that I had given her way to much responsibility and the costs skyrocketed to create anxiety and suffering. The ego spins out of control when there is too much responsibility and not enough balance between our soul-self and human-self. She will try to protect us from anything and everything, again, at all costs. Beautiful intention gone awry. She gives me my confidence when I need, but she can easily become bloated when I rely too heavily on her and not my highest self. I gave her the responsibility of almost every facet of my life which caused a great deal of suffering. When I sat with her, my ego, she was exhausted. I told her she could now take a seat in the back and enjoy the view from now on. I will need her help from time to time, but now her work was mostly done and she could now rest. I will be in the drivers seat from now on with my soul-self (my highest self) sitting shotgun.

When processing situations in my life I now check in to understand how I am feeling inside. Do I feel a sense of urgency and panic (my ego out of balance and over worked) or do I feel a sense of calm (my soul's guidance). When I feel my anxiety swell I imagine holding the hand of my ego, leading her to the back seat with love and appreciation in my heart and taking the wheel myself with my soul's guidance in hand. I now take the approach of loving my ego instead of abusing and berating my her. Because in the end, it is how we treat ourselves that puts an end to our suffering. We can choose to continuously punish ourselves or learn to understand and love ourselves fully, ego and all. Because in truth, she isn't going anywhere. She loves us too much.

Each week I send you my love and wish for you peace in your journey. Our journey of balance in mind, body and spirit.



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