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Let me introduce myself...I'm Kat.

I am an intuitive. Those of us who identify as an intuitive are vastly and wonderfully different from one another. We all have different gifts, if you will. My gifts are the ability to connect with and channel messages from guides/spirit from the the other realm.

Being able to connect with my guides/spirit is something I have be able to do my entire life. The hardest part of being intuitive for me was the trust in what was happening was actually happening. When you have been a certain way your entire life it is an epiphany to understand that not everyone is receiving as you are. It is also an epiphany to realize that you are actually receiving from the other realm. It has been an over 20 year education in understanding how my gifts work. I have taken classes and mentor-ships with many prevalent and gifted psychics, mediums and intuitive's through the years and am so grateful to have been able to work with some beautiful souls who have helped me immensely. What has given me my best understanding of how I work is through my guides themselves. My daily morning meditation practice has been my lifeline.

The past year and half has been a rather prolific one for me. October of 2016 was life changing. One Friday, my husband (at the time) and I filed for divorce (my second). That Sunday we told our children (from our other marriages)...brutal. The next day I was planning to see my parents and tell them of my divorce. As I was driving my son to school, my mom called to tell me that she was bringing my dad to the emergency room because he was, "acting a little off." I met her there.

The 2 years prior to that day my family had lost 8 people in our lives. That is an average of one person every 3 months...for 2 years. We had just lost my uncle, my's dad's younger and closest brother 4 months prior. I walked into the hospital and my 3 older siblings were there with their significant others. We thought he was experiencing complications from diabetes. My dad was the not healthiest of people, but he had never, in my life, been in the hospital. Two hours after arriving , I was in the room with my dad, mom and oldest brother when the doctor came in and nonchalantly told us that he had stage 4 lung cancer that was now in his ribs, spine, liver and brain. He was days away from paralysis and weeks away from death. He lived for 4 months. Two beautifully connected months and two gut wrenchingly devastating months. I was there every step of the way.

Through this time of a more than difficult divorce and the horrific illness and death of my father, I spent countless hours at my alter in meditation. I lived my time at my alter as though I was cloistered like a monk in monastery. My guides channeled the most beautiful and healing messages during this time. I was able to get through and heal some of the most painful experiences of my life. Most of the channeled messages I received I was guided to write down. Over time I had acquired a sort of book of healings. A compilation of channeled messages, personal journal entries and mantra's. My guides have shown me that these healings were not meant for only me. I am to share them with those who may also be in need of healing.

I am to write this blog of healings. Each week I will share a page in my book of healings I had acquired through my time cloistered in meditation. Please bare with me as I am a very insecure writer with little technical expertise. My brilliant guides are not only offering healings to those that may run across this blog, but to help me over a hump of a deeply rooted insecurity so that I can enjoy doing something I have loved (but have denied myself) since I was a child...writing! Each week I send you my love and wish for you peace in your journey. Our journey of balance in mind, body and spirit.



My Dad and me January 28, 2017

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