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KDD Aesthetics is a premier Aesthetic and Wellness Center with over 20 years experience in the Minneapolis area. Offering skincare, wellness & intuitive services. With an extensive selection, we’ve got you covered for whatever you need.

"My approach to the health and beauty of each of my clients is one of healing in every way. Balance and harmony within the mind, body and spirit is pivotal in understanding our journey. Everything is connected. 

I am an intuitive who uses all of my gifts to unlock the inner and outer beauty of each of my clients."

~Kat Dutton Davis



With over 20 years of experience being an aesthetician and over 10 years owning my own business, I have your skin care needs covered. I have trained aestheticians, nurses, physicians and surgeons on how to work with microdermabrasion and am the leader in healthy, effective and thorough extractions.

In addition to my technical knowledge of the skin, I also am trained in healing touch and have been a life long intuitive. Being an intuitive helps me have a deeper understanding in helping you find balance with your mind, body, spirit connection as well as balancing the health of you and your skin.

I am completely committed to you and your journey.





Looking to fix problematic skin? Looking for rejuvenation, relaxation and energy balancing? All of the above? Find exactly what you're looking for here.


Facial waxing & tinting


Have questions you want answered about your life and path? Gain clarity, guidance and validation to the questions you seek with an Intuitive Guidance Session. Gain deeper meaning and healing in your life.


Simplify your generous spirit.



Raising the Bar ~Organic and Non-Toxic



Truly Top-Notch


Only the Best


Patience, consistency, attention to detail, recommendation of the perfect, over the counter products for me... I had terrible acne when I showed up to Kathy & had to spend 30 minutes putting on make up to cover it up. After 6-8 months, seeing Kathy every 4-6 weeks the acne was 80% gone. I then continued the work to shift my diet based on Kathys education about my skin & pores. Now each visit to Kathy is exactly what she told me at the beginning: we're cleaning the pores before the breakout! It's a no brainier to go to Kathy. She's my anti-aging & glowing skin secret & a life staple! It's 3 - 4 years later & the acne never came back. If you're willing to do the deep work with Kathy, put in the time & investment - you'll have restored & radiant skin. People tell me I look like I'm in my late 20's - thank you Kathy!

Mercedes A.

Kathy provides an amazing experience. She is very well trained, she is tremendously professional and a wonderful person. I enjoyed every minute of my appointment with Kathy.

Eric M.

"The best facial I've ever gotten and the best aesthetician I've ever met (who also has a heart of gold!) I've been seeing Kathy for 6 years now and she does wonders to my skin. I look forward to flying back to MN to see her every visit. My face feels amazing (and clear) after every facial."

Maggie J.

"The session left me feeling lighter, more calm and at peace with where I'm at and my journey. Your loving guidance is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me!"
August 2018

Kathi P. (Intuitive Reading)

"Thought you'd like to know that when you said we'd finalize June 1st- you were spot on. I signed the official papers last week...Thank you!"

Meg W.

I met Kathy through a mutual friend I'd say approximately 12 years ago. Even back then from the very first meeting, she radiated such a peaceful, kind, beautiful presence. It wasn't until recently that I found out about her intuitive abilities, that I reconnected with her. I get CHILLS thinking about how precise she's always been. I had the pleasure of enjoying Reiki session with her. I highly recommend Kathy/KDD Aesthetics. She's a lovely being with amazing talents, you won't regret it! Thank you for all that you do Kathy!

Minnie C.

I have known Kathy for years. She has given me the most amazing facials and listens to my skin! She changes her treatments based on time of year, age, and my health. When my son was in his teens she was the perfect person to say “here is what you need to do” and kept it so simple. My daughter trusts her with her skin and only sees Kathy!

Lauren S.

Can I vote 100 more times? 😀 Kathy is not only an amazing technician, she's an amazing person. Love spending time with her, and love the way my skin glows!

Lisa K.

Kathy at KDD is amazing! She is professional, kind and will take great care of you. Your skin and spirit will be totally rejuvenated after you see her.

Amy D.

Best microdermabrasion around, and you will love Kathy!!

Sarah C.

Best esthetician in the entire metro area! If you have any issue with your skin whatsoever, Kathy can take care of it! Simply the best.

Bob B.

Working with Kat is amazing! She is so tapped in and powerful that there’s no way I could NOT be tapped in while working with her. She taught me how to tap back in when I veer away from myself and forget my knowing. Kat has helped me to clear old stories, patterns and wounds to keep me growing and to remember my power!

Ebony D.



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(612) 730-7510


(612) 730-7510

4212 Park Glen Road, St Louis Park, MN 55416