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Kathy Dutton Davis

"I am an intuitive who uses all of my gifts to unlock the inner and outer beauty of every client."
--Kathy Dutton Davis

I graduated with my BA from UMD in 1996. After working 4 years as a Woman's and Youth Advocate for Tubman Family Alliance, I decided to work in healing in a different capacity. I attended the Aveda Institute in 2000.

My first 10 years as an aesthetician was spent learning as much technically about the skin as I enjoyed being the regional trainer for Crystal Free Microdermabrasion. The last 5 years I have focused my education on the wellness and healing of the body as a whole as well as the mind and spirit. I found that there was such a disconnect between our mind, body and spirit and this is affecting the skin tremendously.

My approach to the health and beauty of the skin is a holistic as well as "whole-istic". My goal is always one of healing in every facet of the word. I believe that everything is connected, therefore, I believe that balance and harmony with the mind, body and spirit is pivotal in understanding the skin specifically. I love to delve deeper than, "what cleanser do you use?" to unlock the mystery of your skin and the struggles that lie therein. Mind...Body...Spirit

My strengths lie in understanding my clients as a whole as well as the technical side thorough pore cleaning and exfoliation. My most loyal following are those that struggle with pore congestion. Although it can be uncomfortable, I am one to clean out all of the pores, if possible. The highest compliment paid to me is the comparison my clients make to a well known aesthetician in NYC named "Mean Christine". She is beloved for her cleaning of the skin. I have been name the "Mean Christine" of Minneapolis. I title I happily honor. I am deeply committed to each client that walks through my door, not just from an aesthetics perspective, but, again from place of the health and healing of one's mind, body and spirit.

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KDD Aesthetics
4928 France Avenue
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Edina, MN 55410
P: (612) 730-7510
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Packages are available. Buy three services and get the fourth at half price. Buy five services and get the sixth free.

Relaxation Facial

My facials are tailored for each individual client. Each facial includes a relaxing and healing massage of the shoulder's, neck, face, hands and arms. Steam. I will also do a thorough cleaning (extractions) of the pores. This part can be rather intense based on how congested one's skin may be. You can rest assured that I will be able to clean out your congestion and breakouts without fear of further damage that can sometimes happen post extractions.



This treatment includes a cleanse and evaluation of the skin. Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion, steam, thorough extractions. Finishing with hydration and protection.


Chemical Peels

A wonderful exfoliation of the skin with the use of glycolic or salicylic acids. This treament also includes steam, thorough cleaning of the pores and hydrating treament.



Dermaplaning (blading) is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the top layer of skin. It removes the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) as well as the outer most layers of dead skin cells, leaving the skin immdiaetly smooth, supple and vibrant. This is then accompanied with an enzyme treatment, steam, thorough extractions, hydration and protection treatments


Dermaplane upgrade/add on - $30


Classic hot wax treatment to treat specific areas of your body.

Eyebrows - $25

Lip, Chin, Cheeks - $15 each

Underarms - $25

Prin M.

Kathy is a wonderful aesthetician ... she is totally wonderful !!!!

beth w.

Loved it!

Maggie M.

Kathy is wonderful, takes her time with you, answers questions patiently and fully and does an amazing job!

Marcia H.

Great place very professional

kerry c.

It was great!!

Cathy M.

Kathy was delightful. She was knowledgeable and experienced and gave well balanced advice. There was absolutely no push for further services, no products in the office to push either. I'll definitely see her again. I would not have tried microdermabrasion without the groupon offer.

lisa j.

Very impressed! Greatly improved my skin and will definitely go back. Kathy was very personable.

Heather h.

Great personality, phenomenal service. Need to go back and soon!

Jennifer W.

Outstanding! I did the microdermabrasion...one of the best facials I've ever experienced.

Rodney P.

Great service. Kathy was very professional and inviting. I was very thankful and pleased with her service!

Susan B.

Kathy is wonderful and does such a great job!

Jill D.

Very nice place and friendly service

Deborah P..


maggie s.

Really professional-exceptional for Minneapolis-best facialist here for the really specific, healthy facial and extraction.

Dieyna N.

The owner of KDD Aesthetics was very professional, friendly and wonderful. Will definitely go back!

Megan W.

Kathy has a gift for making you look and feel beautiful! What a treat!

virginia e.

She is excellent and very pleasant.

Julie W.

Kathy is great! She really takes the time to talk with you about any issues you may have. You know she does care a great deal about her clients and wants to see you satisfied and happy with her work.

Rayna S.

I was very pleased! Thank you!

Tanya B.

She was very nice and professional.


Kathy is amazing!!!

Ann T.

There are many groupons for microderm, but after some research they seem like they are done in the back of nail salon. I had looked into KDD aesthetics online and only saw good reviews. I purchased 4 groupons with the intention of getting my skin in shape for my wedding day. My skin greatly improved over the course of 4 months. Kathy gives nothing short of exceptional customer service and attention to detail. I will be definitely going back!

Babette B.

It was wonderful!

Mary B.

Would recommend it.

Cindy L.

Kathy is the best! She's so sweet and personable, and her work does wonders on my skin.

Sue W.

Excellent experience! I recommend to other "first-timers"!